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Check out our fully stocked retail selection!

Companion Animals
Pet Toys
Pet Food & Treats
Nutritional Supplements
Leashes, Collars, Harnesses
Kennels, Bowls & much more!

Allflex Tags & Tagging Supplies
CCIA Tag Dealer
Tattoo & Marking Supplies
Calving Supplies
Processing & Handling Supplies (Stock Prods & Canes)
Over-the-Counter Medications

Omega Alpha Supplements
Bot Knives & Hoof Picks
Wound Products & Bandaging Supplies
Fly Spray
Over-the-Counter Medications

Looking for something that we don't have in the clinic? Click HERE to shop on our Online Store for thousands of retail products that can be shipped directly to you or the clinic for pick up. By using our store , you have access to most of the products that are in the big pet stores but you are supporting a local business 

Special Order Products

We are the only VINK Calf Puller Dealer in Saskatchewan!!!! We are also a Back on Track & Platinum Performance Retailer!!

Please click HERE to view our Retail Partners websites for products that can be ordered in.


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